Racanelli Realty provides seamless, turnkey property/asset management services reflecting our proven track record and consistently reliable property management system. With our executives’ direct oversight of each property’s management and relying on best practices, we deliver:

  • Building/Facilities Management services, including building maintenance, HVAC operations, energy efficiency upgrades, landscaping, ice and snow removal, pest control, garbage removal, renovations, tenant build-outs, construction management, building security, labor relations, vendor and contract negotiations and purchasing – all designed to increase property values, while containing overhead costs
  • Coordination and Supervision of Professionals and Contractors
  • Financial Management, including detailed income and expense projections and capital budgets, and encompassing building accounts payable, receivables, tenant rent rolls, annual financial statements, insurance management, and reviews
  • Liaison with Municipalities to retain your property’s rights within its jurisdiction, access incentives, maintain compliance and implement municipal filings
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Property Profile Assessments to leverage a property’s primary attributes, remedy any weaknesses, conduct valuations, set appropriate budgetary parameters, and facilitate the optimum plan
  • Marketing and Leasing incorporating market research (i.e., determine vacancy and absorption rates, current rental rates, industry/market segments in an expansion/relocation mode, etc.), a strategic marketing plan, aggressive lease negotiations, and owner representation/tenant relations to pave the way for long-term, profitable relationships
  • Customized Reporting to keep owners abreast of your property’s performance, including tenant activity, and all building operations and financials
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State-of-the-Art Property Management Technologies

Racanelli Realty applies leading-edge technologies specifically designed for sophisticated property management services. These technologies include one of the most advanced property management programs – the Integrated Business Systems (IBS, Fairfield, NJ) solution which offers advanced performance features, including the ability to:

-Provide instant access to critical lease and property information,

-Facilitate prompt and accurate response to diverse inquiries, and

-Develop customized reports covering important property details from expense controller print-outs to building operations plans and investment profiles.

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Responsive, Professional Property Management

Each property under Racanelli Realty’s property management is placed under the supervision and hands-on involvement of an experienced executive backed by team members with in-depth knowledge of all facets of property management. Every inquiry is met by a quick and courteous response and is resolved with maximum efficiency. In providing our property management services, we go above and beyond, advising owners so that they can make the best decisions for their properties – decisions that both maximize a property’s value, while also meeting the owner’s personal fiscal objectives. As property managers, we strive to:

-Optimize a Property’s Value,

-Deliver Building Operations and Management, and

-Retain and Attract High Quality Tenants

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Residential/Homeowners Association Property Management

In addition to providing its property management services for commercial, industrial and retail properties, Racanelli Realty has a loyal client base of residential homeowners associations (HOAs).

Working closely with HOA Board Members and homeowners in condominium, townhouse and villa communities on Long Island, we have established a lasting reputation as one of the region’s leading, high quality HOA property managers. Our client base includes some of Long Island’s most prestigious HOA communities.

In serving HOAs, we provide the same extensive list of comprehensive property management services as offered to commercial/industrial/retail property owners.[link to property management services list] The only distinction is we recognize that we are serving homeowners in this instance, who have a personal interest and pride in their community. We take that very seriously and strive to gain their confidence in our organization and the services we provide.

Maximizing an HOA community’s value and that of each resident’s home value is our top priority. We are committed to maintaining the respect of the Board and satisfaction of every homeowner.