cre financing


Today’s volatile market conditions marked by rising interest rates and floating rate loans, demand a strong, knowledgeable, and resourceful advocate to secure the best real estate financing for commercial/industrial property investments. No longer is it sufficient to consider only traditional lenders, but it has become even more important to  have access to a wide range of potential lenders in order to select the best loan option.

Wide Network of Lenders

At Racanelli Realty, our clients benefit from our strong relationships with an extensive network of lenders that crosses over all categories, from conventional lenders such as banks and credit unions, to insurance companies and government programs such as the Small Business Administration (SBA)traditional banks.

Flexible Financing Options

Led by our Vice President Nicholas E. Racanelli, whose experience includes various executive roles with leading mortgage brokerage firms, our real estate financing services give our clients access to a full range of financing options including: Conventional mortgages at fixed and adjustable rates (ARMs) for primary and investment properties, Fixed-rate instruments, Bridge loans, Hard money financing, SBA 504 loans, Construction loans, Equity and mezzanine financing, Refinancing, 1031 exchanges, Lines of credit

Securing the Best Terms

We know that your primary bank may not provide the best financing terms and structure for your real estate investment. We also know that traditional lenders can often be less flexible with respect to down payments, credit score and income requirements. That is why at Racanelli Realty, we do not limit your financing options to traditional lenders. We recognize that different borrowers, loan requirements and properties may be better served using other sources for commercial real estate financing, for example:

  • Transactional lenders that focus on real estate wholesale deals or funding for renovations and “flips for sale”
  • Private companies
  • Government programs such as the SBA 504 loan program

Weighing Critical Financing Considerations

In addition to helping guide our clients to the right lender, Racanelli Realty advises clients about other critical considerations when applying for a commercial real estate loan. In suggesting the right loan, we will also share our expertise to help our clients understand such criteria as:

  • Loan-to-value
  • Debt service coverage ratio
  • Estimating cash flow
  • Projected net income after expenses versus gross income
  • Cost segregation studies

By advising our clients on lender options as well as of the important considerations when securing commercial real estate financing, we can be confident in knowing that, through our due diligence and personalized client service, we have helped them make the best real estate decision.