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At Racanelli Realty Services, we recognize our corporate responsibility to the world we share with others and future generations. We realize our role as corporate citizens must go beyond conducting ourselves in business in a responsible and ethical way. Our corporate values must also reflect our concern for the environment, social causes and always doing the right thing.

As individuals and as an organization, we at Racanelli Realty believe in giving back to our community in various ways, supporting worthy nonprofit organizations through our contributions and volunteerism.

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Having witnessed the impact of man on our environment, climate change and the extinction of many living species, we are conscious of how we operate and live, always striving to preserve our natural resources and help reduce carbon emissions. We are proud members of the U.S. Green Building Council.

From replacing traditional fluorescent lighting with energy-saving LED bulbs and using Energy Star appliances, to paper and plastic reduction and recycling, and elimination of unnecessary travel, we understand our role as stewards of planet earth.


On a corporate level and as individuals, Racanelli Realty and its team members support a wide range of organizations from educational and healthcare institutions to first responder organizations, churches, disease-related non-profits and various civic associations. Among the organizations we support are:

American Diabetes Association, American Heart Association, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Northwell Health System, Development Disabilities Institute, St. John The Baptist High School, St. Anthony’s High School, Suffolk County Boy Scouts, Suffolk County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), Sunshine Acres, Wounded Warriors, Doctors without Borders, Police Benevolent Association (PBA), and St. James Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary

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Racanelli Realty has a long history of diversity and inclusion in both its subcontracting assignments and championing of organizations that supporting diverse causes. Under the guidance of our corporate counsel, we comply with all federal and state legislation including employment law and OSHA regulations.

We are committed to developing a sustainable, ESG corporate culture that reflects our total dedication to improving the quality of life for all and building a better future.