For decades, Racanelli has been associated with high quality real estate services. Today, Racanelli Realty Services, Inc. continues in that tradition by providing the highest standard in commercial, industrial and residential property management.

It is our shared perspective with real estate owners and investors that distinguishes our brand of property management. Sophisticated property owners, including Fortune 500, multi-national, middle-market and privately-held companies, investment consortiums and private investors, also recognize that “Racanelli” stands for service, integrity and real estate know how. They especially value the fact that Racanelli knows all aspects of real estate from the ground up …building and development, hands-on ownership, management and marketing and is on the leading-edge of property improvement, energy efficiencies and tenant satisfaction initiatives.

We apply this direct experience and knowledge -- which only comes from managing an extensive portfolio representing square footage in the millions – to best meet the needs of other property owners, as well as their tenants.   (more)


Whether you're buying an apartment building or renovating your office complex, getting the right financing for your business's real estate needs can save you thousands of dollars or more over the long run. While it's always to your advantage to learn about the commercial mortgage process, you may have better results by hiring a commercial mortgage broker - especially one with a long-standing reputation for honest and excellence like Racanelli.

Racanelli Commercial Mortgage Brokerage has expertise in the many financing options for real estate loans for business purposes. This can mean purchasing a small office building or a large medical facility, buying a multi-family home with the intention of renting, or even building a church or arts center. We can also help you get financing for renovations, land or expansion.

Unlike mortgage bankers, Racanelli’s experts can foster relationships with a multitude of lenders and investors, and those relationships are not exclusive. Thus, they have more flexibility in finding options that traditional banks cannot provide. They also take you through the entire loan process, including making sure you have everything you need to pre-qualify, and will remain available after your loan closes to assist you with anything concerning your mortgage.

If you are purchasing land or an existing building, Racanelli Martgage Brokers can bring in third parties to verify the condition of the property. This not only helps speed the qualification process but can also alert you to issues regarding the property you may not have known about.

We then present the best commercial mortgage options for you to consider. We will answer any questions you have and review the details of the loan, and we will stay with you through the entire closing process, negotiating on your behalf to make sure your best interests are properly represented.   (more)


What distinguishes our brand of Residential Property Management is the perspective we share with real estate owners based on our long history of real estate ownership. Our ownership perspective enables us better to identify and meet the needs of our property owners. Our insight and proven track record managing a wide range of properties have earned us the respect, loyalty and trust Home Owner Association (HOA) Board Members and homeowners within their townhome, condominium and cooperative communities.

With the knowledge that only comes from managing an extensive portfolio representing square footage in the millions, Racanelli Realty Services has developed an effective, proprietary system of Property Management. Our system achieves your most important goals:

  • Property Value Enhancement
  • Homeowner Satisfaction
  • Systematic, Sound Property Management

Racanelli Realty Services strives not just to meet your expectations, but to exceed them, utilizing targeted resources to ensure our consistently high performance such as:


Racanelli Realty Services, Inc.’s commercial/industrial brokerage services reflect the organization longstanding the tradition of providing the highest standards in real estate services.Our brand of brokerage services are distinguished by the fully-integrated solution we provide both landlords and tenants.

Whether we are representing a property for lease or sale, or helping locate the best possible space, individuals and organizations can count on Racanelli Realty Service to meet their needs.Racanelli Realty Services relies on its extensive knowledge of the marketplace, and extensive listings which are constantly updated with data derived from our longstanding relations with builder/developers, property owners, financial institutions and local municipalities.  (more)


Racanelli Realty Services’ Commercial Real Estate Financing Division assists clients in securing the right financing for their property. This includes a range of flexible financing options accessed through Racanelli’s broad network of lenders. Vice President Nicholas E. Racanelli head ups the Division. He brings extensive experience serving in various executive roles with leading mortgage brokerage companies.

Through the Commercial Real Estate Financing Division, real estate owners, buyers and investors will benefit through the company’s liaison with multiple lenders on their behalf in order to secure the best financing option. Clients are assisted through all phases of their financing, from the application process and negotiations with various institutions, to final documentation. The goal is to create a strong a value-added proposition whether for a purchase or refinancing transaction.

Financing options include: conventional mortgages at fixed and adjustable rates (ARMs) for primary and investment properties, fixed-rate instruments, bridge loans, construction loans, equity and mezzanine financing, refinancing, and 1031 exchanges. Racanelli will work with traditional lenders such as banks and credit unions, as well as insurance companies and other funding sources to provide the most suitably structured loan at favorable terms.

Since forming the division in 2017, the company has already secured millions of dollars in financing for commercial, industrial and retail property owners located on Long Island.