Property Management

Racanelli Realty Services’ system achieves your most important goals:

  • Property Value Enhancement
  • Tenant Satisfaction, Retention and Attraction
  • Systematic, Sound Building Operations and Management

A Hands-on Property Management Team…
Racanelli Realty Services places every property under the supervision and hands-on involvement of top executives with a minimum of two decades of experience. Each member of our team is highly proficient in their area of property management with knowledge across our full range of services. The hands-on team approach provides outstanding benefits, including:

  • Accurate, efficient responses to all inquiries,
  • Property/asset management services tailored to accommodate individual owner’s operational and fiscal requirements, and
  • Ongoing expert advice on how to best optimize their asset.

Turnkey Property/Asset Management Services…
Applying leading-edge technologies and sound business practices, Racanelli Realty Services delivers turnkey services, including:

  • Building/Facilities Management services designed to increase the value of your asset while containing overhead costs, ranging from building maintenance, HVAC operations, energy efficiency upgrades, landscaping, renovations, tenant build-outs and construction oversight to building security, labor relations and management, vendor and contract negotiations and purchasing;
  • Financial Management beginning with detailed income and expense projections and capital budgets and encompassing building accounts payable, receivables, tenant rent rolls, annual financial statements, reviews and due diligence;
  • Liaison with Municipalities to retain your property’s rights within its jurisdiction, access incentives, maintain compliance and implement municipal filings;
  • Property Profile Assessment to leverage your property’s primary attributes, remedy any weaknesses, conduct valuations and facilitate the optimum plan, including setting appropriate budgetary parameters;
  • Marketing and Leasing incorporating market research (i.e., determine vacancy and absorption rates, current rental rates, industry/market segments in an expansion/relocation mode, etc.), a strategic marketing plan, aggressive lease negotiations, and owner representation/tenant relations to pave the way for long-term, profitable relationships; and
  • Customized Reporting to keep you abreast of your property’s performance, including tenant activity, and all building operations and financials.

Leading-Edge Property Management Technologies…
To insure the integrity of our data and reporting, Racanelli Realty Services utilizes one of the industry’s most advanced property management programs, the Integrated Business Systems (IBS, Fairfield, NJ) solution. This advanced property management software:

  • Affords instant access to critical lease and property information,
  • Facilitates prompt and accurate responses to a wide range of queries,
  • Produces customized reports from expense controller print-outs and building operations plans to investment reports,
  • Delivers real-time property management, escalations, financial and non-financial data, and
  • Helps build and protect their clients’ real estate assets.