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About Racanelli Realty Services Inc.

Racanelli Realty Services, Inc. has built its reputation on a legacy of trust and high quality services spanning over six decades. The company is recognized as a premier provider of comprehensive real estate brokerage and property management services for the commercial, industrial and retaill real estate markets. Property owners, investors and businesses in diverse industries rely on the company to maximize their real estate assets, facilitate sound real estate transactions, and optimize their real estate decisions. Racanelli’s brand of brokerage services are distinguished by the fully-integrated solution provided to both landlords and tenants. Distinguishing its property management services is the shared perspective the company’s principals have with real estate owners/investors based on its long tradition as a property owner/investor, as well as its knowledge of all aspects of real estate from building and development to hands-on ownership and leading-edge property improvement, energy efficiencies and tenant satisfaction initiatives.

For more information, contact: Racanelli Realty Services at: 631.434.9400 or email: aracanelli@racanelli.