About Us


Racanelli Realty Services, Inc. has built its reputation on a legacy of trust and high quality service spanning over six decades. The company is recognized as a premier provider of comprehensive property management and brokerage services for the commercial, industrial and residential real estate markets. Property owners, real estate investors and businesses in diverse industries rely on the company to maximize their real estate assets, facilitate sound real estate transactions, and optimize their real estate decisions.

Led by President Anthony Racanelli, the company maintains strong working relationships with other members of the real estate community, as well as within the corporate/industrial, financial and municipal sectors. These contacts are leveraged to the advantage of Racanelli Realty Services’ clients, who benefit from enhanced opportunities, more timely transactions and access to broader resources.

Perhaps the greatest testament to the company’s achievement is its longstanding relationships with its clients who value the company’s shared experience and insights as an experienced real estate owner/operator.

Racanelli Realty Services’ client base consists of private investors, corporate real estate officers, CEOs, CFOs and COOs. From tenant office buildings to owner-occupied commercial/industrial facilities, branch locations and multi-family properties; these discerning real estate owners and decision makers value the experience Racanelli lends to their commercial, industrial and residential properties.